In Case You Missed It: Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase

February 28, 2017


Here’s a short list of the Nindies coming to Nintendo Switch that were announced during the showcase:

  • SteamWorld Dig 2 coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.

  • Yooka-Laylee officially announced for Nintendo Switch, coming soon this year.

  • Overcooked Special Edition with HD Rumble integration and all DLC, no date announced.

  • The Escapists 2, coming later this year.

  • Gonner, first on Nintendo Switch in 2017.

  • Dandara, coming this summer to the console with HD Rumble support.

  • Kingdom Two Crowns, launching later this year with new co-op mode.

  • Runner 3, announced for this fall as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

  • Blaster Master Zero launching exclusively on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS on March 9.

  • Flipping Death coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.

  • Both Graceful Explosion Machine and Mr. Shifty with HD Rumble support coming this April to Nintendo Switch first.

  • TumbleSeed launches this spring on Nintendo Switch, supports HD Rumble.

  • Shakedown: Hawaii launching first on Nintendo Switch this April.

  • Pocket Rumble launching this March as a console exclusive, with local and online multiplayer.

  • War Groove, a mix between Advance Wars and Fire Emblem, comes soon to Nintendo Switch. Includes local/online multiplayer and map creator.

  • Nintendo Switch will be the first console to feature Stardew Valley‘s new multiplayer feature, coming this summer.






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