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StreetPass San Diego 4th Pokémon League

StreetPassers, we are pleased to announce that our Pokémon League is back in action! Get your Pokémon ready and prepare to challenge our Gym Leaders at our Miit ups starting this February 19th through Summer 2017.

Please check out the full rules and requirements that you will need to participate on the image below:

And last, but not least, to celebrate the return of the SPSD Pokémon League, a Lapras bred in a Moon Ball with Outstanding Potential in HP, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed will be distributed to Pokémon players who challenge at least one of the two Gym Leaders during the February 19th StreetPass San Diego 4th Pokémon League event only. Supplies are limited. Only the first 50 challengers are guaranteed to receive the Gym Leader's Lapras.

Also, one lucky qualifying challenger who has received the Gym Leader's Lapras will be randomly chosen during the StreetPass San Diego's traditional raffle to receive a Shiny Level 100 Gym Leader's Lapras that has been Hyper Trained to have Outstanding Potential in all stats! The winning challenger must be present at the event during the time of the announcement and must trade their Level 50 Gym Leader's Lapras to receive the Shiny Level 100 Gym Leader's Lapras.

We'd like to give a shout to our friends over at Nintendiego for giving us a hand with the League this year. Good luck Pokémon trainers and see you all there!

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