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Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Gaming System Revealed

The day we all were waiting for has come, Nintendo just revealed its Nintendo Switch aka Nintendo NX!

Nintendo Switch is one of the most interesting gaming consoles we've seen for a while. All we know so far is that this device can be used as a portable or as a home console, and it's going to be using DS-like cartridges for its games.

Nintendo promises that you can play the same games whether the Switch is mobile or docked, and the device looks beefier than your average Nintendo handheld — it’s more like the Nvidia Shield gaming tablet, and is in fact powered by a custom Nvidia Tegra processor.

Each small half-controller is known as a Joy-Con — see image below, with an analog stick and four face buttons on each. As we see above, they can be used separately, slotted onto the side of the main Switch body, or secured to a Joy-Con Grip accessory. There's also an optional Switch Pro Controller, similar to the Wii U's Pro Controller, for those who want a more conventional type.

There's no price or a precise release date yet. But we all know that Nintendo's new console is coming out in March 2017 and —from what we saw on the trailer— possible along with a new Super Mario game, Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Skyrim and more. We can't wait!

Stay tuned for more upcoming details.

Source: Nintendo PR / Verge

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