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Premium Update And 5 New Games Coming To Mii Plaza

Big news, StreetPassers! Nintendo of America announced during this morning's Nintendo Direct that StreetPass Mii Plaza is getting a Premium update and five new games today.

Mii Plaza will speed up functionality and increase the number of players you can meet from 10 to 100 Miis. That's a huge improvement for us, since it will be much easier to get StreetPass tags without being worried about clearing out Mii visitors with frequency in order to greet new ones at our Miit-ups or conventions.

After you download the new update, you can also grab one of two new games for free: Slot Car Rivals and Market Crashers.

Along with the two free games, three more games are also launching today, Feed Mii, Mii Trek and Ninja Launcher. All five games can be purchased for only $2.99 each or you can also get a bundle of four games, free title excluded, for $8.99.


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