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Build-A-Bear Is Getting A New Eevee Plush

Build-A-Bear Workshop just confirmed that a new make-your-own Eevee plush goes on sale this Thursday, September 1st, and will be available online and in stores, just like the Pikachu plush.

The basic Eevee plush will be 14-inch tall at a price of $28 USD, it will also include a special trading card stamped with the Build-A-Bear logo. Pokémon fans who prefer their characters in costume can also pick up several other items, including a pair of adorable outfits. The cape will only be available in an online-exclusive $62 package, which will ship with a pre-made plush, a 5-in-1 sound clip, both outfits and the trading card. The pajamas can also be bought separately for only $12.50. You can take a closer look to the outfits below:

Shop Online: Or find the closet Build-A-Bear Workshop near you:


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