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Tomodachi Life | StreetPass San Diego QR Codes

(Click image to enlarge)

Feel free to use these QR Codes to bring part the StreetPass San Diego staff and some other characters to your Tomodachi Life island, then take pictures of our adventures and share them with us on the Comments section below or on Facebook! We will be posting some of the best pictures and QR codes of your Miis that you also want to share with us.

- How to use QR codes in Tomodachi Life -

1- In your Tomodachi Life island map, go to Town Hall. It's located next to the Mii Apartments:

2- After you tap the blue icon on the map, you'll go into a menu for all the options and details of your island:

3- Next tap the QR Code icon on the bottom right of the screen, and then a new menu will pop-out:

Tap Scan QR Code button, bring the 3DS camera in line with the Mii code you're trying to import, and after a couple of seconds scanning the Mii will pop out of it into your game!

If you want to share your Miis, tap Create QR Code and you'll see all of your Miis. Select the one you want, and the Mii will show up on the top screen with a code which will be instantly saved in the SD card.

  • A)You can save the QR code as an image the same way you would any other screenshot in Tomodachi Life, and transfer your SD card images to your PC.

  • B)You can send/share your QR Code on social media using the game's photo-sharing feature, found at the bottom of the village map:

Hope you guys share your pictures and Miis QR Codes using #StreetPassSanDiego, #SPSD or on the comments box below!

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