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Frequently asked questions.

"What is StreetPass San Diego?"

A: We are a community of Nintendo enthusiasts in San Diego, CA, and we get together at least once a month to share our passion for gaming, participate in tournaments, collect StreetPass tags on our Nintendo 3DS, and more activities!


"What is a Miit Up?"

A: It's a wordplay, a combination of Nintendo "Mii" and "meet up". It just means we "meet up" in a geeky way.

"Is there any entry fee for your Miit Ups, Events and/or Tournaments?"

A: Nope! StreetPass San Diego's events are always free and always open to all ages.


"Do you guys work for Nintendo?"

A: Nope :( . Even though we get support from Nintendo for some of our events/Miit ups, SPSD admins are volunteers and don't get paid by Nintendo or any other company.




"Can I become an admin ?"

A: If you are interested in becoming an administrator (even after reading the answer for the questions above), send us a request on our Contact page, so we can get in touch with you.



Where are you guys located?

We don't have an office or regular location. We try to do events and/or Miit ups all around San Diego but the majority of what we do is at the New San Diego Central Library, who has been kind enough to sponsor our Miit ups.

Where can I find your upcoming events and Miit Ups?
You can check out our Event Calendar on this website or visit/follow our Facebook page to keep track of the latest news and updates.

Can I have another raffle ticket?"

A: Nope, sorry! :(


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